Please Help Send Jon to India!

Ashish Ministering To Child

Who is Jon Davis?

Jon is an alumni of ACH Study Groups who travels around the world to teach and train missionaries - thus fulfilling the Great Commission by mobilizing local leaders!

How is Ben Gilmore Involved?

Ben is a member of the Board of Directors of Worldwide Awakening Ministries - the ministry that Jon and his wife founded in 2010 to bring Biblical Worldview and other training to Christian Leaders around the world.

Ben is also a good friend. :-)

How can you be involved?

Please help send Jon to India in 2017 through a generous tax-deductible donation!

Click on the "Learn More" button below to visit the GoFundMe "crowd-funder" website setup to sponsor these missions trips.

This is your chance to help spread the kinds of Biblical Principles that transform nations to places in the world where you cannot get to personally!

Please check it out right now!: